The sculpture „Flying Photographer“ (2008) is the three dimensional translation of a caricature of Honoré Daumier from 1862. The original title, „Nadar élevant la photographie à la hauteur de l ‚art“ [Nadar Elevating Photography to the Height of Art] shows the French photographer and pioneer Nadar, as he takes the first aerial photographs of the city of Paris out of the gondola of a hot-air balloon.

The work „Place de l’Étoile“ (2008) follows in the footsteps of Nadar, however using todays technical resources: via Google maps the sites of the aerial photographs are visited and the work environment of the photographer is literally encircled. The satellite view of the Place de l’Étoile shows the site where the original photographs were taken and illustrates the importance of the city of Paris as the former hub of photography.