The visitor arrives via a staircase onto a pedestal covered with white fabric and clad in frills around the edges, which almost completely fills the exhibition space. The surface of this elevated floor reflects the ceiling light and immerses the space, as if it was a white cube, in gleaming light. Upon entering onto the platform, two photographic works on the walls of the room become visible. The Triptych „Yellow Square“ (2009) shows a table in a frontal view, which, similar to the space-grabbing installation, is covered with floor-length frills, bringing to mind a banquet table. A digitally inserted yellow square disrupts the harmony of the three parts, referencing the second series of images in the room. For „Desert Green“, „Desert Blue“ and „Desert Red“ (2009), a camel was blindfolded with coloured clothes in the Gobi desert and documented from slightly varying points of view. The traces in the desert sands seem to continue onto the white fabric in the exhibition space through the footprints left by visitors. The entire atmosphere, determined by the bright light, invites viewers to understand themselves as part of the installation.