Structures are both the condition and limits for the possibility of practices. Every practice generates structures, which they render visible or influence in their stability. Understandings of structure depend on aspects of the visible in relation to form and function – creative and artistic approaches are capable of uncovering invisible paths and connections and revealing alternative spaces of action and movement.

In this year’s exhibition we try to direct the eye towards things that like to keep in the background. Different processes of institutionalization, stabilizing social norms and cementing mechanisms of order and governance are examined. Architectural fossils crystalize as an important focal point – they are what testifies dominant powers and influences societies.

Accompanying our search for such traces of constitution are questions on the aesthetics of resistance. The participating artists investigate the ways in which systems of space and knowledge interlink and forms of representation are deployed. These strategies reveal that only by identifying existing patterns and cycles can different directions be pursued and new structural worlds be discovered.