TOMORROW IT’S TIME FOR THE FUTURE showcases young talents from Berlin and New York, two of the most interesting centers in the world. The exhibition focuses on the close connections and lively transatlantic exchange of ideas that lead to collectives and collaborative projects. New York’s creatives see Berlin as the art Mecca of the twenty-first century, often referring to it as the city’s “sixth borough”. The show mixes work by up-and-coming artists with some of their inspirations: pieces by art world mainstays and creators of commercially successful art. Embedding the young artists in their historical context, “Tomorrow it’s time for the future” presents a survey of several generations of artists and takes a glimpse at the future of art by exploring potential developments. Where do artistic ideas come from? Which themes continue to preoccupy artists on both sides of the Atlantic and give rise to art that stands the test of time? The result is an exhibition of paintings and performances, sculptures and videos, works that illustrate how a formal language and ideas evolve as they spread from generation to generation and from continent to continent.