GLÜHEN, 2020



The fire treatment of metallic components is called annealing (Glühen). This process can produce specific material qualities.

In the photographic work „Glühen“ Stefan Alber shows a tunnel-like view into an wide urban landscape ahead. The protective natural thicket ends toward the constructed city, which extends from there toward the distant horizon. Construction cranes in the sky point to a rapid and constant change in the present circumstances and hint at the ephemeral nature of this captured view. From the observer’s standpoint, the question arises: how has the image changed and expanded in the meantime, what has become new and what has already disappeared?

Only the detailed observation of the picture creates a relation to the glass vitrine in the exhibition room. The bricks piled up in it could already have been taken from the place photographed; at least similar bricks are depicted in the motif.

Alber has stacked this weathered stones playfully as an archetypal model, which embodies itself as a construction under the glass cover, forms its own cosmos with organic residues, but, similar to the photograph, keeps the observer on distance.