Densities of matter, arrangements of shapes and volumes, textures, weight, proportions, color, level of resistance, temperature, and so on, are constantly redefined in relation between materials, in relation to context, in relation to us. The cup (Becher) we usually drink from is an extension of our hand when it is a tool to quench our thirsty body, and is a silky, smooth, fragile, sharp, hard material, when we concentrate on our encounter with it. (reference: Bohr 1963a (1929 essay), 99)


This exhibition concentrates on works of artists that explore their physical, formalistic, non-verbal communication with the materials they are working with. They developed, from their own personal experiences of working with materials, interacting with their tendencies, possibilities, and qualities an interwoven zone, which evolved into relations of logic, causality, and sensibleness.


The 4.BBT is sequel to the Berlin Becher shows, curated in 2010 by Scott Chaseling, 2013 by Justin Ginsberg, and 2016 by Julius Weiland. Originally conceived by Australian-born artist Scott Chaseling, the idea of a show was inspired after seeing the Small Sculpture Biennale in Bavaria in 2010. Rather than an open sculpture exhibition, Chaseling wanted it based around the vessel but not restrict the material to glass. Berlin Glas is thrilled to present the fourth iteration of this unique show, cementing it as a triennium event.