The exhibition Soft Architecture ranges between architecture, design, and contemporary art. Their hermetically led discourses are deconstructed, providing impulses regarding social and political issues as well as raising aesthetic questions. The exhibition Soft Architecture offers a collaboration of disciplines examining and experimenting with materials while inspecting socioeconomic strategies.

The term soft is used in a variety of contexts: soft material, soft power, soft management, software, or as it were, soft architecture. It immediately evokes connotations of tactility and haptics, pressure and resistance. Qualities like soft, flexible or elastic not only point to a specific materiality, but also represent a particular design vision.
Logistic, resources and recycling present new challenges which demand creative solutions. Questions concerning ecological and economic sustainability, working methods and social consequences will be discussed on an artistic level and society’s expectations towards architecture emphasized.

For a process of perpetual change of form as well as the continuation of a place through its users and inhabitants, an architecture which is able to respond to social and individual needs against a backdrop of unexpected and drastic changes becomes necessary.
Soft Architecture tells the story of architecture which is lived, only to be revealed in its used state. It begins where its planning ends.