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Anonymous Art Auction

It is with great pleasure that we can invite you to the 10th anniversary Dead Darlings event: “Occupational Hazard” taking place at Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam.

On Saturday May 2nd, at 19:00 sharp, the first artwork will be going under the hammer. Doors will be open from 17:00 for you to preview the works, get your number and catalogue, pick up a nice refreshment from the Butcher’s Tears stand, find a comfortable seat, and let the fun begin!

Entrance is free and bidding is open to anyone with a paddle number (paddle numbers will be available for one euro). There will be no additional charge added to the final selling price, we accept cash only, and the proceeds are divided between the artists and the DD organization, solely to cover costs.


Dead Darlings



Agota Lukyte
Anika Schwarzlose
Annaleen Louwes
Antoinette Nausikaa
Anu Vahtra
Avi Krispin & Oscar Peters
Benjamin Orlow
Bonno van Doorn
Bos & Lanting
Brian D. McKenna
Carolin Leszczinski
Céline Manz
Dafni Barbageorgopoulou
Dina Roussou
Elmer Driessen
Etta Säfve
Eva Schippers
Gemma Pauwels
Giorgos Gripeos
Hanna Mattes
Hester Scheurwater
Jaap Scheeren
Jack Faber
James Beckett
Johannes Schwartz
Kali Rose
Katie Della-Valle
Katja Mater
Kristine Hymøller
Kyle Tryhorn
Leo Divendal
Lia Cecchin
Lucia Massari
Maarten Heijkamp
Marc Philip van Kempen
Maria Lalou
Mariana Lanari
Marianne Vierø
Marie Ilse Bourlanges & Elena Khurtova
Markus Wüste
Matthias Tharang
Maurice van Daalen
Melanie Bonajo
Miyeon Lee
Monica Overdijk
Persijn & Margit
Qiu Yang
Risk Hazekamp
Roald de Boer
Ruth van Beek
Ryan Rivadeneyra
Saskia Janssen
Simon Wald-Lasowski
Sinta Werner
Sofia Mourato
Stefan Alber
Tania Theodorou
Thomas Jansen
Thomas Kuijpers
Tzvika Gutter
Vincent Zedelius
Voin de Voin


EIGHT EDITION — 2 May 2015
Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam