Alber will show the original interior of a hotel room from a traditional hotel of his hometown South Tirol (Italy).

Thereby, the furniture pieces become temporary exhibition objects, contrary to their actual purpose. Similar to a theatrical stage, the furniture and objects are arranged without any walls on an invisible ground plan.

This intervention is questioning the belonging, the function and the history of the exhibits in the environment of the museum of architecture and design.



Alessandro Fonte and Silvia Susanna


Room No.206 is part of the BIO50}hotel program.

BIO50}hotel is a temporary exhibition hotel established by Alessandro Fonte and Silvia Susanna at MAO – Museum of Architecture and Design of Ljubljana during BIO50 24th Biennial of Design curated by Jan Boelen as part of the research theme nanotourism.



Grad Fužine
Pot na Fužine 2
SI-1000 Ljubljana